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Races are back in the US! Time to dust the cobwebs off of your triathlon gear that has been tucked away during the pandemic! Locally, the Valley O.NE Nebraska Marathon occurred on April 23, the Lincoln Marathon took place on May 2, and the Omaha triathlon has released many of its venues and plans for 2021! Nationally, we have seen several Ironman’s and Gravel Races take place. Specialized Physical Therapy’s Professional Triathlete, Morgan Chaffin, has some tips to share as you prepa...
Posted on 2021-05-05
Blood Flow Restriction Training: What You Need to Know Experts have proven over the years that in order to increase muscle size and strength you must lift greater than 70 1RM), essential when used at the correct stage of rehab, put increased stress on joints and bones that may not be tolerated at times. This is where blood flow restriction (BFR) can present a huge advantage in getting you back to do the activities you love. Blood flow restriction training is a rehabilitation device that will ...
Posted on 2021-04-20
Did you know that thirst doesn’t kick in until you’re already dehydrated? Or that water isn’t always the best way to stay hydrated? As the temperature starts to rise and outdoor activity increases, we thought it would be beneficial to share some simple tips and dispel some of the myths about hydration. Tip 2: All drinks count towards hydration except alcohol. Sports drinks, milk, or oral solutions (Pedialyte) will help you stay better hydrated than drinking plain water. There...
Posted on 2021-04-05
Preparing for the Upcoming Golf Season and Injury Prevention Through Mobility Many of you like myself have been out golfing a couple of times already and feeling the effects of not swinging a club for 3 months. You may have been hitting errant shots or feeling stiff and sore following the round. So what do you need to work on first to improve your swing and make it look as effortless as the pros? My answer is mobility. Mobility is essential in order for the body to properly move ...
Posted on 2021-04-05
Join us at our Adult Functional Independence Test (AFIT) Seminar! Tuesday, April 6, 2021 @ 6:30pm Do you have concerns about your posture, strength, balance, endurance, or flexibility as you are getting older? If so, come see our experts who can help you age optimally, safely, and help prevent injuries from falls. Physical therapist, Mike Salerno, PT will be giving a FREE seminar on aging well and exercise. It will focus on providing you information about the Adult Functional Independence Te...
Posted on 2021-03-26
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