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What is the AlterG?

Specialized Physical Therapy provides several advanced outpatient rehabilitation services. They are among a small handful of clinics in the Omaha area to possess one of the most innovative rehabilitation tools on the market—an Anti-Gravity treadmill, otherwise known as the Alter G. Specialized Physical Therapy has an AlterG at their Maple Street and Pacific Street locations.

What is the AlterG?

  • A high-tech treadmill that uses an air pressure regulated system to decrease the weight of the user by as much as 80%, so that the impact (ground reaction forces) during weight bearing activities, such as walking , jogging, or running, is greatly reduced
  • It was developed by NASA and is FDA approved
  • The AlterG in action!

Why use the AlterG?

For Rehabilitation:

  • Rehab of lower extremity injuries (knee, hip, ankle, foot)
  • Training through an injury (musculoskeletal and bone)
    • With a reduction in impact it allows an athlete to maintain fitness and conditioning while healing
  • Prevent over-use injuries that are associated with high impact activities such as running
  • Maintain cardiovascular fitness while recovering from an injury or surgery
  • Gait training for neurological patients

For Conditioning:

  • Biomechanics analysis via the Alter-G Stride Smart Technology
    • Stride Smart Technology: Real-time gait analysis to access patient progress
      • Weight bearing symmetry
      • Step length symmetry
      • Stance time symmetry
      • Cadence
      • Pain recording
  • Athletes can utilize for recovery and neuromuscular training
  • More functional than aquatic therapy since patients maintain normal gait, stride length, and body positioning
  • Safe strength and conditioning for older patients and youth athletes
  • Can assist in weight loss or performance goals

The AlterG is not only available for patients, as part of their structured exercise program, but the public is also welcome to use these innovative treadmills (based on an hourly rate). And if you’re still not sure it will help with your rehab or fitness goals, we offer a free trial session. Just contact one of the offices to schedule an appointment to see what using the AlterG can do for you!

For more information be sure to check out the AlterG section on our webiste as well as the offical AlterG website.

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