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Triathlon Racing and New Level of Running Form

Congratulations to SPT sponsored athlete Morgan Chaffin who won the Omaha Women's Triathlon last Sunday!!  This is a little note from her about that:

I participated in the Omaha Womens Triathlon on June 1. It has been a while since I have done a sprint triathlon. Longer racing is more my focus being one big ball of slow twitch fibers! It was a great time. I got to be out there with a lot of athletes I coach. To see them race and view how far they have come was amazing! They made me work too, coming up with a Team called, "Trying to Keep up Morgan" I knew I was up against some competition. I won the race by 10 minutes overall but definitely had a push from the teams. It was great to see 300 women competing. It's exciting to see the sport of triathlon grow! 

I've been working with David Potach, PT (and numerous other abbreviations I can't remember) at Specialized Physical Therapy. He was out there watching me and other athletes he treats. We have been working on my running form and strength to help me become a more efficient runner, cyclists, and all around triathlete. I can feel a difference if my strength, form, and my overall movement patterns. I'm very thankful to be working with a PT that takes the time to listen and understand me. It's an art and I believe only a select few have it, David being one them. I've found people that believe in me at SPT!

Here's a picture David captured of me on the running leg at the triathlon ...

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