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This Doggon' Treadmill!

Exercising your furry friends during the cold winter months can be a challenge ... see how you might keep your dog exercising all through the winter months without ever leaving the comfort of your home ... just put your "doggon" the treadmill!  Here's advice form someone who has trained both of her dogs to do this:

Do you have a high energy dog that’s out of control? The treadmill might be the answer for your pet during these cold winter months. There are some precautionary steps to follow, but with proper training it can be ideal for exercising your pet. Definitely make sure your pet has been through some obedience training and they understand you are the leader and not vice versa. They will need your trust! To get them use to the treadmill their owner fed them near and on the treadmill before even turning it on. They associate food with good behavior and rewards. The next step was to give them treats just for staying patiently on the treadmill again while it was not moving. Next was to get them to slowly walk and get fed, this was repeated several times. Now the owner says “place”, points to the treadmill and they begin their exercise session. 

Here's a link to a video of the dog on the treadmill - CUTE!

Doggon' Treadmill Video Clip

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