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Stretching First Reduces Soreness and Injury

Specialized Physical Therapy's July Newsletter came out a couple days ago - in case you missed it, here's a little excerpt:

Reports indicate that stretching before physical activity or engaging in strength training has the potential to reduce the risk of soreness as well as the risk of injuries to muscles, tendons, and ligaments. In addition, joints that have previously been injured can be protected from further injury by wearing supportive gear (braces - ask a PT at Specialized which kind is best) or by enrolling in specific training programs prior to participating in a sport. There are also numerous benefits that are associated with continuing to be physically active after an injury, especially as we get older.

For you serious athletes out there, you might benefit from some specific guidelines that will help you with your sport in particular.  If you participate in a club sport, there are guidelines posted on our website.  For our soccer athletes, click here to check out Specialized PT's Stretching Guide for Soccer.  If soccer isn't your sport, we've still got you covered!  Just click here to go to our Sports Activities page and find your sport!

CLICK HERE to view the rest of SPT's July Newsletter

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