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SPT's June 2018 Newsletter

Welcome to the June 2018 Newsletter from Specialized Physical Therapy.

   Hello summer time! Is it just us or did we skip spring time here in Nebraska and go straight from winter to summer? We certainly aren’t complaining as we have many fun and exciting things quickly approaching. With sunshine finally upon us, and as the temperature continues to rise, so do activity levels. Don’t get us wrong, we love our job, but some of our staff’s favorite things to do this time of year are hanging out at the lake, kayaking, fishing, paddle boarding, traveling, and visiting the zoo. That being said, collectively as a whole our absolute favorite thing during the summer is the Men's College World Series! Who else is excited for some baseball?

Giveaway!! Enter to win a pair of reserved seat tickets for this years Men's College World Series, June 16-26/27 at TD Ameritrade Park Omaha, NE.

How to enter: 

  • Like Specialized Physical Therapy Omaha's Facebook page. 

         (On Facecook, scroll down until you see a post about about the giveaway)

  • On our giveaway post, share your favorite CWS memory in the comments section to get 1 entry into the drawing.
  • For 2 entries, share your favortie CWS photo in the comments.

The winner will be announced Friday, June 8th!

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Congratulations Graduate!

Laura Salerno, Class of 2018

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        We would like to congratulate one of our very own, Miss Laura, on her graduation from Mercy High School. She had an outstanding senior season in basketball breaking her school’s rebounding record by 57 this year and playing in the All Star’s game.

   The future is bright for Laura as she plans to attend the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Following in her parents footsteps she will be focusing her education on physical therapy. We are so proud and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



Professional Triathlete, Morgan Chaffin

Background, Accomplishments, Training, Motivation, Upcoming Races, and Tips for Beginners.

   You may have heard a thing or two about our outstanding professional triathlete before but we wanted to give a quick update for some and introduction for those who may not know her. She also has some of her personal tips for beginner triathletes.

   A quick look into Morgan’s background…she got her BS and MS in Exercise Science from the University of Nebraska at Omaha. She now teaches two cycling classes each semester at UNO, along with a Walking and Jogging class. Typically has about 60-65 students each semester. She started triathlons in 2008 and did competitive cycling from 2005-2008. Then she switched to non-drafting triathlons after a bad cycling accident where she ended up in the hospital with a concussion, a broken clavicle, and staples in her head from the impact of the helmet. She not only competes in triathlons herself, she also coaches others in the sport.

   As a veteran triathlete, we asked Morgan which race she is most proud of, “Definitely the Extreme Alaskaman XTRI in 2017”. She said it topped going to and participating in the Ironman World Championships in Kona. It was a tough course at roughly 10,500 of elevation gain. “I love that the XTRI’s are a team effort”. A triathlon is typically an individual sport but in XTRI's you have to have a support team carrying along gear, nutrition, and completing the tough sections of the run course with you. It makes for a fun and challenging day!

   Training for triathlons could be considered a full time job. Unlike most sports where you only have to train one specific thing, she must train swimming, biking, and running. Her season preparation currently includes training 20-26 hours a week, consisting of: swimming 5 days a week around 20,000-25,000 yards, biking on average 9-13 hours, running 14-20 miles per week , stair climbing 1.5-3 hours per week, and strength training 3x per week for 35-40 minutes. She’s had a lot of help from her boyfriend, Eric, who is a great triathlete as well. “We both have different strengths and weaknesses but complement each other well and depending on the day pull each other through some very tough workouts!”

   With such a busy schedule and difficult training routine, you have to wonder what keeps her so motivated both physically and mentally. “Over the years I have developed a lot of intrinsic motivation. I'm driven to see what my body and mind can accomplish. After studying exercise science I wanted to apply much of what I learned to my life and goals as an athlete. I love training just as much as I like to race. I'm very motivated by personal goals. For many of my challenging workouts I set a small goal. If I accomplish the goal, great! If I don't I think of what I can improve on next time and keeping trying until I make it!”

   We will be following along her jam packed journey this season so make sure you stay tuned to hear updates on every race! Her most recent race was on June 3, 2018, the Omaha Women’s Triathlon. However she is currently focusing her training efforts on Alaskaman and Noreseman which are both XTRI's and two weeks apart from each other, July 21st and August 4th. She will be the only US professional triathlete this year racing in Noreseman. It is the most extreme XTRI in the world and takes place in the beautiful landscape of Norway. After a 2.4 mile swim it has an elevation gain of roughly 17,000ft over the course of a 112 mile bike, and 26.2 mile run. Of all the races she will take part in this year, she is most excited for both of the XRIs. “This will be by far my biggest triathlon challenge yet. I'm going to learn a lot about myself racing 2 extreme long course triathlons so close together. With the help of amazing supporters like SPT I'm confident I will recover well and be able to perform my best at both events.” We wish her the best of luck at all of her races this year. We can’t wait to cheer her on and help with her recovery efforts. We know she’ll dominate like she always does!


Morgan’s Top Tips for Beginner Triathletes:

  • Number one thing outside of training/competing is getting in tune with your body and listening to it. I still struggle with this and probably always will. It is key to injury prevention and your longevity in the sport. If you have a coach, talk to him/her and tell them how you're feeling. We don't always know especially if we don't see you on a weekly basis. You can never share too much.
  • Learn how to change a flat tire. Especially if you do a lot of training outdoors. Get quick at it so if it happens in a race you won't lose significant time changing it.
  • If your first triathlon is in open water make sure to practice in the same environment. I made the mistake of not practicing in the open water before my first open water triathlon. Big mistake! Luckily it was along the shore of Lake Michigan where I could touch the bottom. I remember my mom telling me she could see my standing up and she was wondering what I was doing. Practice with a group and build your confidence. Once you get comfortable it becomes second nature! 

Chronic Low Back Pain?

If you suffer from low back pain, a stronger core could be your solution.

Prone Plank

  1. Lie on stomach, raise up on your forearms and knees, place your elbows directly under your shoulders. 
  2. Engage abdominals, perform a pelvic tilt tucking your hips under, and tighten your upper abs to keep your ribs down.
  3. Maintain normal breathing for 4-5 breaths. 
  4. Low back should be rounded, not arched. 
  5. Repeat 3-5 times. Progress from knees to toes when work on knees is no longer challenging. 

   Want to learn more about back pain? Good news, we will be hosting a low back pain workshop next month. Stay tuned for exact date, coming soon!

   In the meantime, if you are suffering, be sure to call and schedule a free injury screen today! Let us help you get back to a pain free life!

Success Story

Pain Free After 45 Years!

   "In 6 months’ time, I felt I made more progress than at any time over the last 45 years"

   Gordon came to Specialized Physical Therapy with extreme chronic low back pain. With the help of his PRI certified therapist, Jodi Reerink, he conquered his years and years of pain.

   “I was told by my doctor that SPT was very good with ‘difficult’ patients, and that was where she would recommend that I go to straighten out my 45 some years of skeletal problems. I was hoping that I might find some form of correction and relief to my problems. I was warmly received by all upon arrival and the research to find out where to start began. There was a constant effort to start with basics, find out what worked best, and progress from there.

   I was impressed by the knowledge and ability of the therapists and most impressed to find that at each visit, a thorough review of what was working or not working was conducted; changes made (good changes) and progress made. There was a great effort made to teach me how to correct my actions and activities, and what to do if I felt I was ‘out of alignment’ on any given day. What they taught me to do worked well and still does. Attention to detail in all aspects was stressed to reach a daily routine, and a good outcome. In 6 months’ time, I felt I made more progress than at any time over the last 45 years, and felt better in the end!

   The therapists were indeed good and the best part was that they truly cared about the patients they worked with. The admin staff was great to work with, very efficient, and friendly. Each and every one there was wonderful and has my highest regards and appreciation. If you have a need for great therapy, here is the place to go! They are the best!”

                                                                                                                                -Gordon A.

Welcome Justin Blatchford, PT, DPT

   We would like to introduce the newest memeber of our SPT family, Justin Blatchford, PT, DPT!

   As a 4 time letter winner and Blackshirt he played defensive back for Nebraska Football as a walk-on while getting the opportunity to play in 3 conference championships. During his time at Nebraska, Justin persevered through numerous injuries including an extensive knee injury after his second year on campus. Justin’s mission is to guide people to their goals and aspirations through his personal experience, clinical knowledge, and evidence based practice.
   Justin grew up in the small town of Ponca, Nebraska where he graduated with a class size of 30. During high school he played 4 sports including football, basketball, baseball, and golf. As an athlete his teams won 3 state titles, he was a 4 time state golf medalist, and has held the golf course record in his hometown since the age of 14. While not competing in sports he enjoyed time hunting and fishing near the Missouri river with family and friends.
   Justin married his high school sweetheart five years ago. He loves to travel with his wife Paige and states he “is the beneficiary of her amazing itineraries”. They have traveled as far as South Africa and most recently, the couple celebrated Justin’s graduation with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in Maui. They also enjoy visiting national parks and road trips to sporting events including football games and Major golf tournaments.
   A fun fact about Justin is that he is right dominant but swings a golf club and baseball bat left handed. Also, if you like to talk sports especially the Green Bay Packers, Husker Athletics, and Golf, he’s your guy! Lastly, if there is one food Justin could not live without it would have to be pizza. He considers himself a connoisseur of all varieties, from New York, to Chicago, to lavish, he’s got you covered.

We’re delighted to have the Justin as a part of our team. Please help us in making him feel welcomed by saying hi next time you stop by!

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