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» SPT's Jeff Zimmerman, PT, OCS Guest Lecturing at UNO Course
SPT's Jeff Zimmerman, PT, OCS Guest Lecturing at UNO Course

Thank you to Jeff Zimmerman for coming to speak to my walk/jog course at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. This was my first semester teaching at UNO. I wanted to bring in a speaker that would enhance the students’ wealth of knowledge about topics I had discussed in class. In the course, I touched on topics related to different types of aerobic and anaerobic training, mechanics, the gait cycle, periodization training, strength training, different modes of stretching, and the key to proper footwear.

Bringing in an expert allowed for the students to get a deeper understanding of these topics. Jeff’s main goal is to help runners stay active by performing gait analyses and superior physical therapy care. During his talk he provided great insight into his thorough review of clients that come to Specialized Physical Therapy with a running injury or simply looking to improve their running form and mechanics. He asks pertinent questions pertaining to one’s medical history and why they’re running or walking (health, fitness, racing, etc). Next, he observes their posture with shoes off and one looking from the ground up. He examines the feet, ankles, knees, hips, and back which he explained is critical when performing a gait analysis or evaluating a running injury. The students then paired up with each other to view different types of patterns. This allowed them to see different patterns and structural imbalances. He explained to us different testing methods for strength and range of motion and common injuries that are associated with various running or walking conditions. Additionally, he reviewed shoes types. In particular, how to evaluate a shoe to meet one’s needs: arch support or cushion to absorb shock and protect.

Again, thank you Jeff for coming and speaking to my class and sharing your expert knowledge!

Morgan Chaffin

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