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R&R From the Owner (Rantings & Ravings, That Is): We're Moving!

SO…you might have heard that we are moving?  Well, we are! BUT never fear!  We are not moving very far – just a very short distance from our current location at 102nd& Maple to 108th& Maple (well, 2 blocks south of Maple to be more exact).  But any way you slice it, it’s just a hop, skip & a jump across I-680 – still very easy and convenient to access from I-680.

Here are 2 important things to know:

  • Our first day in the new space is: Monday, August 27, 2018
  • This only impacts our Maple St location – it’s business as usual at our Pacific and UBA locations.
If you’ve been to any of our clinics before, you are likely to have received our fun little postcard – we thought you might enjoy seeing your therapist’s smiling face waving to you - beckoning you, I might even say, across the I-680 /Maple St bridge to our new location.  It made us smile, so we hope it did you as well.

You might be wondering – why move now?  Well, the main reason is because our lease was up (10 years!  We can hardly believe it’s been 10 years here!  More on that later…).  Although we were optimistic when we started out and leased plenty of square footage, we have really outgrown our current space from a configuration standpoint.  For example – our billing office is in the breakroom, and our marketing team (errr, M’rcy, I mean) is wherever she can find an open chair to sit in – NOT ideal!! We want our business to be desirable as BOTH an employer AND as a physical therapy provider.  That’s a challenge for any small business – but let’s face it, having a reasonable place to land at work and to be able to focus and actually be productive is pretty basic.

Here’s a look at the front of both locations (the old/current space and the new one) – do you like our new sign?  It matches the sign at our Pacific St location (76th& Pacific) and it’s particularly awesome because …. (drum roll, please) …. the letters are BLACK during the day – but WHITE at nightwhen it’s lit up.  Here’s a shout out to American Lift and Sign for building us these very clever signs!  ….And to M’rcy for spending 4 hours in the parking lot to capture a cool time-lapse video of the installation! ‚Äč


(Click the link to see the cool 
time-lapse video of the sign
installation at our new 
Whispering Hills location)

Current Space
July 2008-Aug 2018
New Whispering Hills Space
Opening Mon, Aug 27, 2018

Time Lapse Video of Sign
Install - 2728 N. 108th St.

This is how the sign lights up at night.
(this is the Pacific St sign - it was dark enough in a storm to light it up!)

We are excited about our new space and anxious to share it with all of our loyal clients.  For those of you who are currently being seen, no worries, the new location is VERY close by.  For those of you who have been seen in the past – though we hope you are staying healthy and strong – we will still be right here if you need us in the future!

So back to the 10-years topic….I mentioned above that there would be more on that….but I’m afraid it will have to wait. Stay tuned for the next post for a little nostalgic look back – a little bit of “then and now”.  Here’s a sneak peek:

Our 2 youngest children - Ava & Amelia at our GRAND OPENING in 2008.
Ava was 4 years old helped me man the front desk for the first few months that we were open.  Patients complained that they missed her when she went to school!  Amelia was just 6 years old.

Here's what they look like now - Ava will be headed to high school next year, and Amelia is turning 16 now, ready to drive. 

Nothing like kids growing up to highlight the passage of time, is there???

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