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Patient Spotlight: Meet Bill

“Back in my day, it was ‘No pain, No gain’ … but the AlterG has changed all that.  I’m coining a new saying and it goes like this:  ‘Everything to gain, Without the pain’” 

Bill hadn’t run a single stride since 1985.  Yep, over 25 years since 66-year-old Bill had been able to run.  Walking was slow and cumbersome – at 250 pounds, his pain in his joints caused him to limp and limited how far he could walk.  In order to make it around at the grocery store, Bill helped support his weight on the cart or used a cane. 

Then in December of 2012, he was being seen at Specialized Physical Therapy for a totally unrelated shoulder problem, when Jeff offered to let him try out the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill … so he did.  And he fell in love with it.  

All of the sudden he could walk at a normal pace with no pain at all in his feet or knees.  He could experience right then what his legs would feel like if he weighed 150  pounds instead of 250 pounds … and that was all the motivation that Bill needed.  He began to come in to use the AlterG 3x times a week initially and was able to walk about 3 miles at 60% of his body weight (so instead of his legs having to exercise under a 250 pound body, they only had to support a 150 pound body!).

Since I’m writing about this, I bet you can guess what happened next.  When a guy starts exercising legs that haven’t run for 27 years, things start to change!

  • The weight started to come off – and as the weight came off, he could tolerate a larger percentage of his body weight … of course he could - because he weighed less.  He no longer needed the cart or a cane to support himself at the grocery store.  He lost 50 pounds in 6 months.
  • Since his joints could then tolerate exercising long enough to get his heart rate up, he was doing “aerobic” exercise for the first time in 27 years – so his cardiovascular endurance  began to improve.  He began to walk faster and longer and more often … and even transitioned to running.  Can you remember what it was like to run?
  • His muscles began to become stronger because he was using them again – with stronger muscle support, his joints began to be less painful.  He noticed he was able to do things that he enjoys again, like gardening.  “It made me feel younger”.

Bill was hooked.  “To see the progress that I made with this machine was incredible – nothing else compared, and believe me I tried everything – I could do almost everything like I did in 1985”.   Get this … Bill now runs  over 8 to 10 miles a day at 8 miles/hour on the AlterG … he runs at 75% of his body weight to minimize the wear and tear on his joints.  Wow.

You can try the AlterG for free at Specialized Physical Therapy – just call (402) 939-7939 to schedule an appointment.  Single session and 10-session punch cards are available for purchase at the front desk.  Who do you know that would like to exercise and be more mobile again?  Do them a favor and send them a link to this article.  It could change their life.

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