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Nate's PT Success Story

Meet Nate! He is a college student at Creighton University with big plans and goals for the future but like many people, throughout his life he has sturggled with aches and pain. Lets start from the begnning...

Nate was attending the University of Nebraska at Lincoln when he met fellow student Justin Blatchford (who is now one of our physcial therapists). They were both students involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. When asked how they met, Nate answerd, "Justin's a nerd that loves golf so we got to talking about that and now we're best friends." Little did Nate know that this friendship would be so beneficial! Now back to Nate to tell the rest of his story: 

"In February of 2017, I had debilitating low back pain. It was something I dealt with throughout high school and college as a competitive golfer but this time, it was much worse. I could barely move. The pain was always there at a high intensity and I wanted to see a physical therapist now, not wait to schedule appointments. I called Justin when he was in PT school and he did a brief examination, gave me some exercises, set some expectations, and sent me on my way. Three days later, the pain was essentially gone. He educated me about my pain and told me to get back to activities I love doing; powerlifting and golfing. Fast forward a year and a half later, I won two powerlifting competitions and played in golf tournaments through the Nebraska Golf Association. I beat a couple of Division 1 golfers and am ranked #1 in my weight class in the United States Strengthlifting Federation.

I am so glad that Justin used an evidence-based approach to treat my pain. Instead of hearing words like “you should consider surgery”, “don’t ever bend or twist your back”, or “don’t lift a weight over 30lbs”. Justin taught me on how to reintroduce activities that were a large part of my life. He gave me a message of resiliency, explained how robust the human body is and reduced my fear of movement. I rarely experience back pain any more and when I do, it is not even close to the level of pain I felt in February of 2017. I no longer fear movement or feel the need to protect my back. This is because Justin strengthened my back and removed the anxiety that usually accompanies chronic low back pain.

I am lucky that I saw Justin since he used an evidence-based approach and reduced many of the fears and previous beliefs I had about my back and low back pain in general. I would tell people to see clinicians like Justin that promote autonomy and independence. I now feel as if I am in control of my symptoms when they occur and I can't even remember the last time I had a flare-up. I truly believe Justin can assist those experiencing chronic low back pain, including those considering surgery."

Nate has an upcoming powerlifting competition Saturday, November 3rd at Concordia High School. We wish him the best of luck and will update you on his results!


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