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Morgan Chaffin - Performance Improvement Services for Athletes at SPT

Here is what our professional triathlete has to say about the beginnings of her performance services at Specialized PT:

I’ve been sponsored by Specialized Physical Therapy for almost a year now. They took me under their wings when I was having hip problems. Thank you, SPT! I’ve enjoyed working with their therapists, but I was particular interested in learning about their new PT, David Potash when I read about his background (make sure you have some time to read---it’s quite lengthy!). He has helped runners, triathletes, cyclists (people like me) with not just injuries but performance! In my world it’s all about performance! That’s what I live and breathe. What can help me achieve my goals? I spoke with David and running has always been my weakest link in the sport of triathlon. He explained how he could help me become more efficient by working on my mechanics and building strength through the running motion. Yes, free speed! We watched some clips of the Boston Marathon and yeah, I don’t quite look like that off the bike, but it would be great to work on it. I’m excited! I have a great triathlon coach and now a great performance coach. Stay tuned on our progress through the Specialized PT Blog and Newsletter!

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