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Key to Avoid Injuries this Upcoming Baseball Season

It’s January 2019! Baseball season is just around the corner. Spring training is approximately a month away as well as college and high school nearby. My optimism is that baseball players have started preparing and are well into their offseason program. If not, it is never too late, and it’s time to get going!

Published research analyzing the occurrence of baseball injuries in Major League Baseball and High School Baseball revealed that baseball injuries are the highest in the first month of the season. Interpretation: Preparation for the season is highly important to minimize and reduce injury.

The key to avoid injuries is proper preparation. Off season preparation should focus on:

* Restore and maintain soft tissue and joint mobility lost from previous season adaptations

* Incorporate arm care program for strength and dynamic stability

* Strength and conditioning for total body gains

* Integrate proper balance and function specific for baseball player demands/characteristics

* Throwing Program to enhance throwing/pitching mechanics with proper coaching

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