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It's HOT HOT HOT Out! Read Here to Stay Safe...

Specialized Physical Therapy is committed to helping you stay safe in the heat of summer - the danger of heat illness can be quite serious, but if some simple guidelines are followed, you can reduce the risk substantially.  

Based on the following information, coaches should make sure they are instructing players to drink plenty of water BEFORE they get to practice and AFTER to catch up.  It will be too hot for them to “keep up” with fluid loss during practice.  It would be ideal for coaches to email the player/parents about drinking water during the day prior to practice and games.

When the Heat Index is >100 degrees, as it often is in July/August in Nebraska, coaches should be giving brief water breaks every 10 minutes and talking to the players and watching them during practice for signs of heat illness listed below.  If in doubt, sit them out in the shade and do not let them practice.

Based on this info, a heat index of >105 may be enough to cancel practice or move it to a different time.  Generally the teams most at risk are going to be the ones practicing late afternoon until 7:00 pm as they will have the heat and the sun working on them.  The coaches should consider bringing extra water in case someone runs out or forgets.

Here is the link to a quick easy reference guide - the hottest part of the day is 4-6 pm, so please be careful out there (you can download this PDF or print it for future reference):

PDF: Heat & Humidity Guidelines for Athletes

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