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Ironman Chattanooga: Give Me Just a Little More Acceleration

I know you're not a jet aero plane

But you see my baby's waitin' at the station

So give me just a little more acceleration

Choo choo train…


Yes, needed a little more acceleration after the swim! A decent race to end 2017!

Result: 10:34, first AG 30-34, 2nd AG OA, 11th OA

Swim: 45:06 (2nd fastest female OA). The swim was great. No complaints when swimming with a current. ;) I started back in the start line a little further than I wanted. I would estimate a good 150 swimmers entered the water before me. I jumped in, goggles were a little loose and filled with water but I quickly put it in the back of my mind. I maneuvered around a number of people for the first 25 minutes. I glanced at my watch a couple of times (which I never do), but I wanted to see how I was pacing. As it started thinning out I knew I would be in a good position getting onto the bike. I had told Mitch I would probably swim around 45 minutes. Wore an older model XTERRA speedsuit, long sleeved tri top by Rocket Science Sports, and HUBB goggles. 

Bike: 5:24 (fastest AG bike split): For the first 20 miles I felt very comfortable and right on pace. One of my garmin pedal pods was not registering, therefore I was without power data for the enter ride. I went off feel which usually works great for me. However, I believe I started off too hard and with the temperature rising I started to feel a bit nauseous. I followed
my nutrition plan (many bottles of TYR Endurance Sport), but I could have ingested more water. At mile 58, I dropped my chain. Luckily the bike support van with the female pros was in my sight. I was in a bit of a panic and they stopped to help me out. The last half of the bike was by far my best effort. Not feeling 100%, I tried to keep my heart rate lower than normal. I knew getting off the bike the run would be a challenge and I would have to stay mentally strong.

Run: 4:16 The run had to be the toughest Ironman branded run I have done. In my eyes, even topping Kona. The grades on the course made it tough to keep running. I did quite a bit of walking, while trying to hold down nutrition. Seeing Mitch, my coach Shawn Wierick, and Adam Dawson were definitely highlights to my run. I knew I couldn’t walk by my coach so I pretended I felt decent, but I could tell by the look on his face he knew I was struggling. He pushed me on, Thanks coach! I walked with Adam for a while and we exchanged some words of encouragement. The run seemed challenging for 85% of the participants. I kicked it in a little towards the finish and couldn’t wait to be done and see Mitch! Him and Dave took great care of me after the race. I also got to see Cay Gerlock, a friend from Southern IL, who I haven’t seen in years. Thanks for the support everyone!

My Crush 3 Racing athletes had an awesome day! I’m extremely proud of them all! I’m truly blessed to be able to coach such a wonderful group. Kristine Story had a 25 min PR (6th AG), Gina Samland had a 75 min PR (5th AG), Lisa Martone had a 51 min PR (13th AG), and Wayne Meyer in the LTF Masters swim had a great PR in the swim!

A special thanks to my sponsors and partners for helping make 2017 a great year! Specialized Physical Therapy Omaha, Rotella's Italian Bakery Inc, Scheels (Omaha, NE), First Nebraska Financial Services, Martin & Schrage Chiropractic, TYR Endurance Sports, Immunotec Inc., Rocket Science Sports, new partners: Rapid Reboot, XTERRA WETSUITS

By Morgan Chaffin

(Congratulations to Morgan on a fabulous season!  All of us at Specialized PT are proud of you!)

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