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Ironman Boulder - Fabulous Race Details!

As many of you know, our professional triathlete Morgan Chaffin finished 4th in the Ironman Boulder a couple weeks ago (wooo-hooo!  Way to go Morgan!).  Here is what she had to say about it:

Ironman Boulder: 4th overall/professional (I’m considering this my first Ironman)

Ok, really it’s the second time I have completed an Ironman. I’m considering it my first since last year my ironman training and racing was centered around hip pain and a hip scope. This year I will go back to IMAZ and redeem myself. With the support and guidance of Specialized Physical Therapy I will be there 100% and ready to go!

August 3 I completed Ironman Boulder. A 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and 26.2 marathon run in a time of 9:57 at an elevation of 5,430 ft. Quite a jump from the flat lands. I arrived in Boulder Thursday. Prepping for an IM takes a lot of consideration. The next two days were dedicated to pre-race ventures, meetings, and focusing on the big day!

Sunday came fast. Soon we were lined up and the gun went off! I took off pretty quickly setting in with a high tempo. I was with the first group of 3 until the first buoy when I fell off. I still felt like I was swimming well and settled in for 2.4 miles alone. I exited the swim in 57:56, 4th place.

I had a fairly quick transition and on to the bike. The course was challenging but suited my style of riding very well. My race mishap happened on the bike. It's hard for race day to go absolutely perfect. My aerobar came loose. After trying to ride a few miles with it loose I gave in and started asking the race officials on motorcycles for help. I got it fixed and lost some time, but the race was far from over. I continued to remain positive. My bike time was 5:05:21. 

Entering into T2 I was in 5th place. Legs felt ok, not great, but not enough to think I wasn’t going to complete this IM with everything I had! I've been working a lot on my run form and strength with David Potach at SPT. I felt confident! My treatments have played a significant role in my  ability to run off the bike when my legs are already in a state of fatigue. David has introduced me to new concepts and theories that have worked! Within the past month I feel I'm able to produce more force with each toe off while still maintaining an above average running cadence. Running has started to feel more effortless. I'm enjoying it more and more and I'm excited for my future development. My run time was 3:46:14. 

I was pretty excited to hear the IM cheers when I entered the finishing chute in 4th place! Thank you SPT for helping me with this great day!

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