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How Many Pitches Should I Allow My Child to Throw?

At Specialized PT, we are so excited to see that baseball and softball have resumed! NOW is the perfect time to take care of any new aches and pains before the games begin. Participating in sports should be fun, and the health benefits gained from playing are undeniable - but playing sports carries a risk of injury.

The most common injuries experienced by youth baseball players are injuries to their shoulders and elbows. Pitchers and catchers have the greatest number of injuries. Typically, young athletes may complain of shoulder pain earlier in the season, and may also develop elbow pain as the season progresses. A primary cause of shoulder and elbow injury is OVERUSE.

This might lead you to wonder: “how many pitches should I allow my child to throw?”. Click the following link to find the recommendations for suggested pitch count as well as rest time between outings based on your child’s age:

Pitch Count Recommendations

These pitch counts are the recommended maximum pitches for a game or bullpen. We suggest starting between 50% and 70% of the recommended count for the first 2-3 weeks of the season, then gradually increasing the volume up to the maximum over the first 4 weeks.

If your athlete is experiencing pain, please do not ignore these warning signs. It can lead to chronic problems and serious injury if not addressed. Before the injury progresses, we recommend meeting with a licensed physical therapist at Specialized Physical Therapy who specializes in treating injured baseball and softball players. We can identify possible causes contributing to the athlete’s pain. Your physical therapist will develop a plan to get your athlete back to their optimal playing performance. They will share their knowledge of common risk factors, impairments, and effective strategies/interventions that can prevent or minimize the impact of these injuries.

In addition to addressing all your PT needs, Specialized Physical Therapy also offers a FREE Sports Injury Screen to quickly assess the injury and explain treatment options (or if necessary, refer you to a physician that specializes in treating baseball injuries) to get you moving on the path to recovery and back to playing baseball!

Specialized Physical Therapy remains OPEN at all 3 locations, to help you with any muscle/joint problems.

If you or your athlete are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call the front desk at any of our 3 locations:

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