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Golf Season is Here, Time to Get Back into the Swing of Things!

Golf season is finally here and hopefully you’ve been fortunate enough to make it out on the course a couple of times. You may have noticed your offseason workouts have not been enough. The first thing you need to do to get back into the swing of things is work on your mobility to address any deficits. But what stretches should you perform and why? You have dynamic stretches and static stretches. Lets focus on dynamic to start.

Dynamic stretching focuses on movement patterns requiring a COMBINATION of muscles, joints, and planes of motion. Static stretching however, focuses on a SINGLE muscle group, joint, and plane of motion. The most important thing you can do before a round of golf is to perform a dynamic stretching routine to promote blood flow to the muscles while working in movements associated with your golf swing.

The video link below will show you a quick and easy routine to perform at home or on the first tee box.

Dynamic Stretching Golf Warm Up

Following the round or after a workout, you should perform a static stretching routine based on your needs.

You can find some static stretching examples under the golf section of our website (link below):

Golf Dynamic and Static Stretches

If you have any pain following a round or want to find out any mobility limitations you may have, contact us here at SPT. Come in for an assessment of any mobility issues you may have through either a free injury screen with one of our physical therapists or a movement screen with our TPI certified professional.

A special thank you to our golf expert, Brad Walchek, PTA for the information in this blog.

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