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Ever Rolled Your Ankle? Ouch!

Have you ever twisted, turned, or rolled your foot beyond its normal range causing pain and discomfort? If yes, then you have experienced an ankle sprain. They can happen to athletes and non-athletes, children and adults. Ankle sprains typically occur by stepping on an uneven surface or into a hole, jumping, or taking an awkward step while walking or performing various physical activities, such as jogging or running.  Initially the ankle may be swollen, painful, and possibly even bruised - but ankle sprains can range from very mild, healing up in just a few days ... or they can be much more severe and eventually require surgery for repair of damaged ligaments. Either way, it is best to begin treatment immediately to minimize symptoms and restore proper function. Four steps should occur right away...
RICE: (1) Rest, (2) Ice, (3) Compression (an ACE wrap or other elastic bandage will work - be careful not to get it too tight), and (4) Elevation (prop the ankle so that it is above the level of your heart to reduce/control swelling ... if you aren't able to lie down, at least prop it up on a chair so it's not hanging down). Specific treatment plans by experienced physical therapists may also be warranted to establish normal function of the ankle and help protect the ankle joint from future sprains.  Sometimes, even if an ankle has healed to the point that it is no longer painful, the ligaments can be "stretched out" - then the ankle is no longer as stable as it once was, and spraining it again becomes more likely.  Physical therapy can often help improve a person's ability to compensate for an unstable ankle and help prevent future sprains.  Learn more about ankle sprains on our website: http://www.ptomaha.com/Injuries-Conditions/Ankle/Ankle-Issues/Ankle-Sprain-and-Instability/a~1273/article.html

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