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David's Off to China!

David is off to China! We're not sure how much information he'll be able to get through to us while he is there, but here's what he had to say as his flight was leaving today: The first leg of the trip was a quick flight to Chicago which will be followed by the trip over the North Pole to China. In the next few blog entries, I will highlight they “why” of the trip and will talk about what I’m doing (in a nutshell, treating some of China’s National Track and Field team, giving some track-related lectures). But for now I must end this post and get comfortable in my home for the next 13+ hours!  

[Here's the selfie that he sent from the airplane - he looks awfully serious, don't you think??  We will post more as he is able to get the information to us - if he is not able to get it to us, we'll post upon his return!]

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