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Congratulations Kevin! What is the McKenzie Method?

Exciting news!!

We would like to say congratulations and give a HUGE shoutout to physical therapist Kevin Robinson, DPT for passing his test to become a Certified McKenzie Specialist!

This is a huge accomplishment and we are proud of all the hard work and dedication that Kevin has put into achieving this certificaiton. We are always striving to continue our education here at SPT to make sure our patients are recieving the best care possible. Way to go Kevin!

The McKenzie Method® of Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy® (MDT) is comprehensive care that solves problems and avoids expensive tests and procedures or addictive medicines. This method is backed by years of research, evidence and clinical practice. It is driven by sound clinical reasoning for an individualized plan of care that is known to show results in as little as two to three visits.

Currently, Kevin is one of only five licensed physical therapists in the city of Omaha who are certified MDT clinicians by The McKenzie Institute. The MDT Program of Certification consists of comprehensive post-graduate coursework (108 hours) to best prepare the clinician for the Credentialing Examination. The Credentialing Examination is the worldwide standard for all branches consisting of multi-method testing with written and practical components designed to assess the clinical knowledge and skills developed by the practitioner throughout the post-graduate course curriculum.

Q: What is the McKenzie Method® of MDT®

A: The McKenzie Method of MDT is a reliable assessment process intended for all musculoskeletal problems, including pain in the back, neck and extremities (i.e., shoulder, knee, ankle etc.), as well as issues associated with sciatica, sacroiliac joint pain, arthritis, degenerative disc disease, muscle spasms and intermittent numbness in hands or feet. If you are suffering from any such issues, then an MDT assessment may be right for you!

Developed by world-renowned expert physiotherapist Robin McKenzie in the 1950s, this well-researched, exercise-based approach of assessment, diagnosis and treatment uses a comprehensive and clinically reasoned evaluation of patients without the use of expensive diagnostic imaging (e.g. x-rays and MRIs). The treatment principles of the McKenzie Method promote the body's potential to repair itself and do not involve the use of medication, heat, cold, ultrasound, needles, or surgery. McKenzie allows patients to learn the principles and empowers them to be in control of their own symptom management, which can reduce dependency on medical intervention.

The emphasis is on you, the patient, being actively involved. Ultimately, most patients can successfully treat themselves when provided with the necessary knowledge and tools.

Once the patient has learned to treat themselves using specific movements and postures, the same procedures can be used to prevent recurrence of pain. This is important because research has shown that spinal pain tends to recur, and recurrences often occur with increased severity. Preventing recurrence is therefore more important than supplying short-term relief through passive treatments.

If utilized correctly, the achievable goals of the McKenzie Method in a cost- and time-effective manner are to:

  • Accurately understand the patient's presentation and behavior of symptoms.
  • Determine the most appropriate and effective treatment plan.
  • Eliminate symptoms and restore full function.
  • Empower the patient to self-treat and prevent recurrences.
  • Help inform patients if other medical advice or testing is needed.

For additional information on the McKenzie Method please click on the link below: https://www.mckenzieinstituteusa.org/method-patients.cfm

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