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CWS Poster Contest


Thank you to everyone who participated.

⚾️ Do you want to win CWS tickets? Keep reading to find out how! ⚾️

If you have ever been to our Maple Street clinic, you know that we are all about the CWS by all the posters we have hanging on the wall dating back to 2007. That said, no CWS this year means no 2020 poster for our wall...which is why we decided to have a contest! It is time for YOU to come up with a 2020 CWS poster. Whether you hand draw it or use a computer with graphic design, it's up to you! All we ask is that you get creative!

[ART SPECS:  Your artwork can be in color or B&W and in any medium of your choosing. We hope to scale up the final poster dimensions to match our other posters for framing at 24"x36" - you might consider creating your poster in the actual size OR same proportions (e.g. 12"x18" or 6"x9") to avoid losing any content when scaled up....but we will work with the best one, even if the dimensions aren't quite proportional.]

Enter your poster by taking a photo of it and emailing it to m'rcy.matsunami@PTomaha.com. The contest will close on Monday, June 29th at 12:00pm. Our staff will then look over your designs and decide on a winner for our favorite poster! The winner will not only get their poster featured on our wall at the Maple clinic, they will also win 2 tickets to the opening day game for the 2021 Men's College World Series! Best of luck and happy crafting! 

Again, email a photo of your drawing/design to: m'rcy.matsunami@PTomaha.com.

If you have any further questions about the contest, please also direct them to the email listed above.

Examples of previous CWS posters:

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