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Active Omaha: #6

6. Fontenelle Forest & TreeRush Adventures

(1111 Bellevue Blvd. North)

Where the heck have I been, that I didn’t know there was a whole ropes course/zip line “adventure park” connected to Fontenelle Forest?? I have to admit, I’m guilty of not taking advantage of the Fontenelle Forest attraction in the past (shame on me, I know), but I’m looking at their website now, and I am totally putting it on my calendar for this fall—particularly to check out their new adventure park called “Treerush” (click the link and watch the video for it – it looks like so much fun!!).

Fontenelle Forest itself offers 19 miles of hiking trails. There’s even a 1.3 mile wheelchair/stroller accessible boardwalk trail. It says, “Walking our trails is an experience unlike any other in the Omaha metro area. In a single afternoon, you’ll encounter a range of vastly different ecosystems, from deciduous forest to oak savanna, prairie, and wetlands.” (Ok, that sounds educational, probably worthwhile, but I’m kind of jazzed about the adventure park!).

Their website has a handy “Trails Map” page that describes a few of the recommended hike options, and the features of each, depending on what you’re after (e.g. a long hike vs. shorter, whether you mind getting a little muddy, and whether you are interested in the history of Nebraska).

I’m afraid it’s not free like a few of the other ACTIVE OMAHA blog options. In fact, admission for Fontenelle Forest is separate from the TreeRush Adventures, which is situated on 6 acres just north of the Nature Center. Fontenelle Forest will run you $8-$11 per person for general admission. The cost for TreeRush is a hefty $45 for adults and $39 for ages 7-11 (only $12 for kids 4-8, but in the kiddie area only).

TreeRush offers different levels of difficulty (I think they are graded by color, like snow ski runs), so you don’t have to attempt the most difficult ones if you don’t want to – and I have heard that you should be prepared for it to be very rigorous if you choose the highest level of difficulty! Never fear though, if you get “stuck”, it sounds like the staff is readily available to coach you through it.

Fontenelle Forest and TreeRush are really worth two separate outings, if you want to get your money’s worth. Check out Fontenelle on a day when you just want to get out walking, enjoy nature, and maybe take in a little Nebraska history. Go for TreeRush when you’re up for a little bit more rigorous activity. Whichever option you choose, as we are headed into the cooler weather of fall, a forest outing seems like just the thing for having some fun AND being active!

P.S. Although TreeRush might be a tad pricey, it sounds worth the cost of admission to me, I’m definitely going. I think my teenagers might even want to go with me. Let’s get out there and be ACTIVE!

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