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Active Omaha: #4

#4 Omaha Lake Trails

Each of these options offer a little bit different view of nature, as well as a peaceful place to unplug and be active with (or without!) your family. There’s plenty of warm weather left in 2019 if you want to give the paddleboards a try, but all of these recreation areas offer trails and picnic areas that should be enjoyable well into the fall season. I’m just listing a few of them here:

  • Flanagen Lake (168th & Fort St) is Omaha’s newest lake destination. This $44 million project opened just over a year ago. It features a 220-acre lake and 475 acres of parkland, as well as cycling and walking trails and fishing. 
  • Zorinsky Recreation Area (770 acres at 156th & F St.) offers lake loops ranging from 3 to 7 miles long. The lake is great for kayaking or paddleboarding, if those activities are options for you; OR if you’re interested in stand up paddle boarding, but don’t own one, for $35 you can book a “sunset stand up paddle board tour” through an outfitter called Driftwood Paddle Adventures. They book them at both Lake Zorinsky and Standing Bear Lake – definitely something to check out! Here’s the link: https://driftwoodpaddleadventures.com
  • Chalco Hills Recreation Area (1,182 acres at 8901 S 154th St) has a 6.9 mile trail around Wehrspann Lake. I’ve noticed that the deer in the Chalco area seem to be very accustomed to both people and cars – I would estimate that I see the deer there at least 80% of the time when I’m there in the early evening hours. I took a photo of this little one just a week or so ago right from my car. (saw a skunk there once too, waddling across the road right in front of my car!). Beware of stopped vehicles as you drive through Chalco Hills, they are often stopped because there are deer near or on the road. 
  • Standing Bear Lake Park (685 acres at 6404 North 132nd St) offers about 4-5 miles worth of trails circling around the lake:

  • Cunningham Lake (1050 acres at 96th St & Hwy 36) is part of a current improvement project that will add 10 miles of trails split between a 6-mile concrete multipurpose trail that loops around the lake and another 4-mile grass equestrian and nature trail. Sounds like this lake was (or is) being drained to eradicate some invasive wildlife species this summer, so I’m not sure if the improvement project has been impacted by that (or by the flooding this year). But I did read that the trails around the lake will remain open during that draining process…maybe a better one to save for next year!
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