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Active Omaha: #1

You might not know it from the temperature outside, but fall is just around the corner! We know the summer swelter will eventually give way to crisp fall mornings in September and October, so now’s the time to block your calendar for some active weekend outings.

In the upcoming blog series, I’ll make a few suggestions for places to get some exercise, and to take in some of the attractions and scenery that the Omaha area has to offer at the same time. So here is the first edition of my ACTIVE OMAHA blog series:

#1: Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge (10th & Capital)

The structure of this bridge itself is an impressive site. At 200’ high and 3000’ long, it’s curving path (symbolic of the Missouri river!), makes up the longest (maybe only?) pedestrian bridge to link two states. It’s supported in large part by a cool looking network of cables (like the hugest string art project you ever saw) - and you can usually feel the bridge bouncing just a tiny bit, adding to the excitement. There are parks & trails on both sides of the bridge - including a splash park with “dancing” water jets for the kids to cool off in on the Omaha side (If you want to enjoy the water, I guess this outing might be better planned sooner, rather than later as we move into the fall season).

If you’d prefer to bike across, have at it! Both the Nebraska and Iowa sides of the bridge connect to a vast network of paved trails (Iowa/Nebraska Riverfront Trails) with access to both the north and south on the Nebraska side – but if you’re going any distance on those trails, you might do a little online research beforehand to make sure that the trails near the river are open after this year’s flooding.

While the bridge is stroller-friendly, it’s a pretty easy walk even for younger kiddos. (You can always resort to the piggy-back ride so you get a extra little workout, give a little one a rest, and make for some giggling!). Be sure to watch for the state line marking on the pavement, and take a picture with one foot in each state. Take a quick peek at this Youtube video now, it’s <1 minute long and worth every second of your time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBRq_TZsorY&feature=youtu.be

If you have a family/kids outing in mind, consider combining the walking bridge outing with a trip for ice cream (perhaps the iconic Ted & Wally’s?). If a date is more what you have in mind, you could wrap things up with drinks or dinner at one of the restaurants nearby; like the Blatt, or the Old Mattress Factory (or at your favorite Old Market hangout). Have a blast and enjoy the view!

Stay tuned here for more ACTIVE OMAHA outing options in the coming weeks!

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