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Priority Scheduling for United Association Football (UAF) Soccer Players

When your child experiences a soccer injury, Specialized Physical Therapy is here to help.  It’s often so difficult for parents and coaches to know how best to handle injuries (…Is it serious?  Do we need to go to the doctor?  To the ER?  Or do we just need ice and rest?).  

If this sounds familiar, then you should know that Specialized PT can help – United  players (and parents!) will enjoy priority scheduling for evaluation of injuries, as well as free injury screenings to help answer all those initial questions.  The therapists at SPT will give you peace of mind, knowing that you have made the right decision in handling your child’s injury.

Want to know more about your child’s injury right this minute?  (Might they need surgery?  What are our options?).  There’s nothing worse than being in the dark about what has happened to your child, so we want to share an amazing feature on the Specialized PT website called “Injuries and Conditions”. Here you’ll find extensive information on almost all sports injuries.  Just hover your cursor over the body part on the “map” and click on the injury you are interested in.  You can read about what’s involved in your child’s injury and how it’s generally treated.

Dr. Jeff Zimmerman, DPT and the rest of the staff at Specialized are looking forward to helping United players get past their injuries and back on the field as soon as possible.  Specialized PT has the knowledge, expertise and facility to do just that, for even the most highly skilled athletes.  

At Specialized PT, we are excited to be associated with UAF soccer club!  If you have questions, the therapists at Specialized are always happy to answer them for you.  If you would like some help with your child’s injury now, please call us at (402) 939-7939 to schedule an appointment at any of our 3 locations (no physician referral is needed for free injury screenings).


Wheather you are out in the heat or indoors, be sure to understand heat stress. Stay safe and know limits when playing sports or exercising. Check out our Heat and Humidity Guidelines for Athletes  blog to learn more!

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