Free Injury Screenings

We are proud to offer FREE athletic injury screenings. This is a valuable option if your child/teen/athlete (or you) have either a sudden injury or an ongoing "nagging" sort of injury.  This situation might leave you with questions such as:  I wonder if it could be something serious?  Do I need to see a doctor about it?  I wonder if it will go away if we just wait it out?  

You will be assessed by a licensed physical therapist who will help answer those questions and put your mind at ease.  You will be provided with professional advice on the best course of action, whether it's rest/ice, physical therapy or an appointment with your doctor.  Call any of our 3 convenient locations to schedule an appointment:

Click HERE for locations and phone numbers

*Medicare/Medicaid/Tricare beneficiaries are excluded from this service, due to strict laws which prohibit provision of free medical care to federal health care beneficiaries. We apologize for any inconvenience.