Sports Physical Therapy

Athletes at every level of play will find the equipment, facility, and expertise that they need to complete their rehab and return to play as soon as possible. Our therapists have experience in all areas of sports rehab, from treatment of Division I and professional athletes to recreational and youth league athletes. Regardless of their level of play, every athlete will benefit from our therapists' extensive background in athletic training, as well as their many years experience in sports physical therapy.

Specialized Physical Therapy boasts a full-sized pitching/throwing tunnel for special analysis and treatment of throwing athletes. High speed video analysis (in addition to an in-depth physical exam) can be used to determine the cause of the injury (faulty mechanics vs. overuse) as well as the best plan for rehabilitation.  If you hope to recover from your injury and return to the playing field as soon as possible, Specialized Physical Therapy is the place to be for sports physical therapy.

If you have a lower extremity injury (foot, ankle, knee, hip), you'll want to read about our AlterG Antigravity Treadmill - you can complete your sports rehab earlier and faster using this amazing equipment - and get back to your game at full potential sooner!

We believe in a team approach to sports rehab at Specialized PT. Ongoing communication between the physical therapist, the athlete, the coach, the parents and the physician is encouraged and facilitated as the athlete progresses through their sports specific rehab program.

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