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I often get asked, “How many days per week should I swim if I want to get faster?” There are a number of factors that determine the answer to that question. These include things such as: your level of experience, current fitness level, and your technique. Fast swimming is driven predominately by technique- roughly 80% of your speed is how efficient you are! Schedule a stroke analysis to correct imbalances and inefficiencies in your stroke before spending significant time in the wat...
Posted on 2021-09-15
While a backpack is still one of the best ways to tote homework, an overloaded or improperly worn backpack gets a failing grade, according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). Improper backpack use can cause injury, especially to children with young, growing muscles and joints. Injury can occur when a child is, trying to adapt to a heavy load, uses harmful postures such as arching the back, leaning forward or, if only one strap is used, leaning to one side. According to phy...
Posted on 2021-08-05
A power meter is a training device fitted to a bike to measure the rider’s output in watts. In other words, it measures the force with which an individual pushes down and pulls up on the pedals. Typically, power meters are found on cranksets, pedals, or a wheel’s hub, but a variety of indoor trainers can also measure power effectively. Here’s why investing in a power meter can provide big dividends, not just for riders looking to improve their fitness, but also for competitive ...
Posted on 2021-07-23
Best of Omaha voting is now open and we need your help!  To help us out, follow these simple steps: Please click the following link: http://www.bestofomaha.com/86703 Enter your information to register Check your email and click on the link to continue to the voting site. Vote for a minimum of five categories. Under the category "Health and Beauty", add "Specialized Physical Therapy" to the following topics: Physical Therapy Company Pain Management Under the category "S...
Posted on 2021-07-14
COVID-19 has certainly made the importance of health very clear, and we have all seen how quickly things can change with an illness. While COVID is currently front and center in most people's thoughts, it isn't the only thing out there that can change your life. Heart disease, diabetes, strokes, and cancer can all be devastating too. Movement Offers a Defense If you're looking to be more resilient and defend against these things, physical activity can do it. The dangers of being sedentary are ...
Posted on 2021-06-23
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