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What can we do to keep our lungs strong and healthy? Specialized Physical Therapy is working to help our community during this difficult time. Watch the simple exercise below to help keep your lungs healthy and strong. See the more detailed description below. Click to download a copy of the handout here.
Posted on 2020-04-02
Recent health concerns and changes in our global and local communities have called for a shift in how we conduct our business. Many people now find themselves working from home and, frankly, may not be equipped to provide themselves with a suitable work environment. As a result, the effects may be that individuals will see an increase in general aches and pains associated with poor posture and increased sitting time while performing “work-at-home" duties. This blog will focus on lower back...
Posted on 2020-04-01
The new shoe list is out!! Why should you be excited about this?   Being able to move through our busy lives without pain is one of the most important prerequisites to the enjoyment of life - to have the freedom to do what brings us joy. The team at Specialized Physical Therapy has several of the most experienced and skilled physical therapists in the region. One of the most common recommendations of this special team of experts is the importance of wearing good, supportive shoes that...
Posted on 2020-03-27
Has your surgery been canceled due to COVID-19?   Most orthopedic surgeries have been cancelled in the Omaha metro area due to the COVID-19 crisis. At Specialized Physical Therapy, we may be able to help you find some measure of relief (and improved function), as a means of bridging the gap to the point in time when these surgeries can be rescheduled.    If your surgery has been cancelled, consider physical therapy treatments to help you get by in the meantime. You can count ...
Posted on 2020-03-26
No Gym, No Equipment? No Problem! In our last blog, we highlighted the importance of designing a safe and effective exercise program. During this time many Americans are opting to exercise at home. Below are some exercises you can do without going to the gym. For proper strength training, it is typically recommended that a person exercise 15-30 minutes, 3-5 days/week, performing 5-8 exercises, alternating body parts: legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms. To allow for pro...
Posted on 2020-03-16
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