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Got Back Pain? Conquer it today! Are you taking prescription pain medication for moderate to severe chronic low back pain? Do you suffer with back pain or leg pain when you stand or walk? Do you experience pain when you sit for long periods or drive? Does your back ever “go out” if you move the wrong way? Are you afraid your pain will get worse if you don't do anything about it? If you have answered YES to any of the above questions, or if you want to prevent low back pain f...
Posted on 2020-02-03
IT’S A NEW YEAR AND TIME TO ADDRESS THOSE NAGGING ACHES & PAINS! NOW IS THE PERFECT TIME TO DO THAT! WITH A WEEK OF FREE EXAMS! You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Back by popular demand, Specialized Physical Therapy is hosting a WEEK OF FREE EXAMS! (** 
Posted on 2020-01-27
We are now a little over a week into the new year. We hope everyone is sticking to their plans of a healthier year ahead. For this blog we are sticking with the theme of staying committed to your health and wellness goals for 2020. (Make sure you check out our previous blog for more info!). We want to let you know how a physical therapist can help you reach those goals. Some common resolutions are: losing weight, getting to the gym more often or getting into "better shape". These all require i...
Posted on 2020-01-09
Staying committed to your wellness goals can be very challenging but the benefits are very rewarding! Here are some tips we at Specialized Physical Therapy wanted to share as we head into the new year. Maybe you currently have a health, fitness related plan, or perhaps you’re looking to start one now. We hope that you find these tips useful.  1. Structure a plan: Is it fitness related? Eating a balanced diet? Incorporating strength training or a flexibility/yoga regimen? For fitness ...
Posted on 2019-12-31
It’s no surprise that every triathlete and cyclist wants to become a more efficient climber. With that in mind, I hope you will find these 5 tips beneficial as you practice your cycling skills over the winter months. During this time, many of you will develop a special bond with your trainer, which makes it the perfect time to focus on specific skills that will enable you to ride more efficiently as you transition towards hitting the pavement again. 1. Strength training and strength-based...
Posted on 2019-12-02
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