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Recommended Footwear/Shoe List

DOWNLOAD a Copy of the 2021 Recommended Shoe List HERE

Signs of a Good Shoe: Poor Quality Good Quality
  • Heel should feel stable when you walk or run.
  • Heel counter should not fold in.
  • Shoe should bend in the toe box easily and not in the middle of the shoe.
  • Toe box bend stiffness okay with limited first ray mobility or early heel rise.
  • Limited outside heel give in outer heel counter.
  • Heel height should be symmetrical.
  • Heel cup should match width of your calcaneus (heel bone).
  • Heel height should be well above heel bone.
  • Upper shoe structure (vamp) should have more than one piece of material.
  • When walking you should be able to sense stability of the heel throughout the gait cycle.
  • You should also be able to feel arch support/contact as you step through and push off your big toe when walking or running.

Contact our office with questions or if you would like one of our therapists to screen you to determine if your shoes are providing adequate support. You can reach us at: 402-939-7939

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