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Recommended Footwear/Shoe List

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Signs of a Good Shoe: Poor Quality Good Quality
  • Heel should feel stable when you walk or run
  • Heel counter should not fold in  
  • Shoe should bend in the toe box easily and not in the middle of the shoe, toe box bend should not be too stiff
  • NO outside heel give in outer heel counter
  • Heel height should be symmetrical
  • When walking you should be able to sense stability of the heel throughout the gait cycle.
  • You should also be able to feel arch support/contact as you step through and push off your big toe when walking or running.

(Used with permission from Lori Thomsen’s Shoe Recommendations, © Hruska Clinic, Lincoln, NE, 2019)


2018 Recommended Shoe List

Click HERE to Download a Copy of the 2018 Shoe Information
(last year's list - maybe you can still find them on a clearance sale)

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