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Running Injuries and PRI

Running Injury Treatment and Prevention Using Postural Restoration (PRI)

        In my clinical practice over the last 20 years, I have treated a wide variety of running injuries.  Although no two runners are exactly alike, I hear similar complaints and questions from my patients, from the beginner to the experienced professional.   “Why does my one side hurt and not the other?,”  “I’ve tried icing, stretching and anti inflammatory meds and it still hurts”, “It felt fine when I didn’t run for a few days, but started hurting again when I returned to running” are frequently heard, usually followed  up by “I’m not going to stop running!”  Being an avid runner and having had many of the usual running injuries myself, I can certainly relate to the frustration.    Early in my career, working as a traditional orthopedic therapist,  I didn’t have  great answers to those questions.  That is what led me to study and become certified in Postural Restoration.

         Postural Restoration is a form of physical therapy treatment that encompasses the entire body.  The main focus of the treatment is in identifying and correcting common postural patterns found in the human body.  All humans have asymmetry in their anatomy that influences the way they stand, sit, walk, run, and even breathe.  This asymmetry promotes our body to fall into neuromuscular patterns that negatively influence muscle function and structural alignment.   Unless these neuromuscular patterns are addressed, it makes it difficult at best to restore flexibility and strength to the affected area when treating an injury.  By addressing the underlying postural patterns, I can more effectively treat the patient, and at the same time teach them how to prevent further injury.  Postural Restoration is an effective treatment approach for most musculoskeletal problems typically seen in the running community.

          For more information about Postural Restoration check the Postural Restoration’s website at www.posturalrestoration.com .

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