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Introduction to Pain Care

Physical Therapy in Omaha for Pain Care

Pain in the neck may be a popular figure of speech, but many people know all too well that neck pain is a real injury that can be hard to treat and get rid of.  Almost everyone throughout their lifetime will experience some type of pain. Whether it is neck pain, back pain or muscle pain, all can be extremely debilitating and very difficult to live with.  

The day has come though to say enough is enough, to stop living with the pain and to start living life to the fullest again.  Physical Therapy is a great solution for many types of pain, no matter what your age or health condition.  There are numerous treatment and therapy options that your Physical Therapist can offer to you, which will assist in not only easing your pain but in some cases getting rid of it once and for all.

PLEASE NOTE - the information below is an overview of many different medical pain management options - but is NOT a list of services that are necessarily offered at Specialized Physical Therapy. If the service is not offered at Specialized PT, then physical therapy may stilll be beneficial in the recovery process from the procedure (ask your doctor). Physical therapy is so very often a smart choice to help with pain, rather than pain medication (which has many side effects and can be addictive) or other invasive/risky opions (such as surgery). Why not try physical therapy first -  instead of pain meds or other risky procedures?

Feeling good and being pain-free is an essential part of living life.  No one has time for the pain, so speak to your Physical Therapist and say so long to pain once and for all.

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