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Check out our Google Business Page - that is where our clients have left all of our most recent reviews!  Google reviews are the great - that's because Google goes to a lot of trouble with complex algorithms to make certain that the reviews being published are written by real customers who have gone out of their way to create a Google account in order to be eligible to write reviews.  Here is the link to our page, where you can read for yourself, all the fabulous things that our clients have to say about us:  

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Specialized Physical Therapy's Google Reviews

In the "olden days" ...
well, okay, maybe it was just a couple of years ago, but we used to ask our clients to fill out paper survey forms to find out how we were doing.  Then I would take those and typel them word-for-word into our website - and that was helpful, but you as a consumer really have no guarantee that we didn't just write them all ourselves!  You can read them (below) if you'd like, but the REAL DEAL is the Google reviews - there's really no way for businesses to write them for themselves (at least not much more than 1!).  So check out the link above and see what our customers have written more recently - and you can feel totally confident that those reviews are real!  The older reviews are below, though, and I really did type them word for word!

The very first question on our survey was:  I would recommend Specialized Physical Therapy to my friends and family.  Yes   No

We are proud to tell you that in all the surveys we administered (and there were a lot!) we never had a single client say no to that question.  So now I'm just bragging, right?  Well, here are just a few of the patient testimonials in their very own words:

I'm very pleased with everything at Specialized Therapy.  The staff is always polite - the facilities are very, very clean.  In fact, the cleanest of all the therapy places I've been to.  Jeff is very knowledgeable on how the body works and is very considerate of his patient and the struggles they/we endure.  I have his card out to all I know & highly recommend.

I have taken PT at a number of different places over the years and SPT is the most warm and inviting.  They genuinely care about your well being.  They make you feel like family!  The staff all deserves kudos for their friendly and professional manner.

I saw Jodi at Specialized PT for an unstable pelvis. After years and years of low back pain, proctodynia, constipation, thrombosed hemorrhoids, anal fissures, scoliosis, neck pain and other fun stuff I finally got to a colorectal surgeon who referred me to Specialized PT after perfoming a sphincterotomy. Jodi was my therapist. It is very important to me to understand what's going on with my body, and if possible, to be able to correct what's wrong with my choices and/or behavior. I am not a passive healthcare recipient. Jodi was an excellent fit for me in this regard. She taught me to help myself. The facility and staff are professional and friendly. I never waited more than 5 minutes for an apppointment and that was extremely rare. They treat you like guests. The worst thing I can say about this company is that I got very attached to my therapist and never wanted to leave. Great people. Great place. Wonderful experience.
Mary - March 2014

I can't express how grateful I am for the the care I received from SPT. When I started seeing Jodi for my IT band, I thought I may never run distance again, in fact, my knee would hurt when I was walking. I had already failed several therapies (including seeing another PT) and even though I was a med student and former college athlete, I didn't know what else to do. Jodi took a thorough, head to toe, holistic approach to adjusting my posture and stride. She was even willing to answer questions via e-mail or phone between sessions, to expedite my progress. This was certainly not a fast fix, but wow did it work! Early on, I noticed other changes like my shoulders relaxing, fewer headaches, and I could serve a tennis ball without pain (something I thought was totally unrelated). I'm now in Massachusetts doing my medical residency. I live near lots of bike trails and hiking trails. I used to struggle with walking up stairs or inclines, and now I hike mountains, cross country ski, bike, snowshoe... Most exciting is that I can run long distances again!!! Today I had to sprint to a patients room and I thought, thank God this wasn't a year ago, and that I have my inserts in my shoes! I still occasionally get sore, and start the exercises again, but I NEVER get pain like I did before, and a couple days of really doing those exercises and I'm back in the groove. I would absolutely recommend SPT to anyone frustrated with injury pain. I wish they were close by here so I could send my patients to them too!
Natalie - February 2014

I highly recommend Specialized Physical Therapy to anyone who has a condition that is causing them pain or stress. I suffered for several years with a jaw that was out of alignment. My dentist suggested I seek a Dental Surgeon to correct the problem. I did so, and was astonished by the cost of this seemingly minor surgery. A family member who works at SPT recommended I see Jodi to see if she could help me. I did, and after a few months of exercises, my jaw became "normal" again!!! Jodi also gave me exercises to improve my posture, which helped reduce my frequent headaches and backaches. I used to have 3-4 bad headaches a week, now I might have one or two a month. The staff at SPT are friendly and efficient, and the facility is sparkling clean. Surgery is expensive and invasive, so please consider SPT first!!!
Pam - February 2014

I am so fortunate to finally have found the people who can help me with my pain! My PT is so knowledgeable about my alignment problems, and she has taught me how manage my pain successfully. The whole staff is caring and accommodating....great customer service! I would highly recommend this clinic.
Stacy - February 2014

If you have to have a therapist, I would highly recommend Specialized Physical Therapy. Everyone from the receptionists to the therapists are very professional, but yet friendly. I found my therapists both Jeff and Jodi to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They understood my pain as I described it and could address it. was Impressed. Thanks to all of you for being there when my need was so great.
Vicki - January 2014

I would like to say that all the people at Specialized Physical Therapy are fantastic. . They listen to you and take you on your rehab journey with expert knowledge. To all the people who are just starting rehab, remember that ice is your friend!
Cece - Dec 2013

Great team that work well together and are always willing to answer any questions you have. Jodi does an amazing job figuring out what treatment works best for my needs. I was having facial pain & she has worked with my dentist so that I have a cohesive plan. I haven't felt this good in a long time!! Thank you SPT!!
Terri - Dec 2013

Specialized Physical Therapy rocks! They have great people and top of the line equipment. My favorite is the Alter-G treadmill. It is like walking on air!! Jodi Reerink is my Physical Therapist and there is nobody that knows more about the human body than Jodi. Thank you for taking such good care of me. I love you Jodi, you're the best!
Judy - Dec 2013

The team at Specialized PT is the best. They have state of the art equipment and wonderful professionals. They have a focus on athletes and special equipment like the anti-gravity treadmill to aid in rehab and basic training.
Lou - Dec 2013

As a professional triathlete it is very important that I trust in my healthcare providers. I strongly believe Specialized Physical Therapy understands my drive to compete at the highest level possible. I've had great success while working with Specialized Physical Therapy. Exactly 1 month and 17 days after a successful hip scope I completed my first full distance Ironman. Before and after surgery I was treated with postural restoration therapy. They really helped my posture, alignment, and strength leading into the competition. They also believed I would succeed and reassured me that I had the strength to compete. Without their guidance and support I don't believe I would have had the season I was hoping for! Thanks SPT!
Morgan Chaffin, Professional Triathlete - Nov 2013

I loved my experience at Specialized Physical Therapy from the friendly faces at the front desk, to the top notch care received by their very professional therapists. Both my daughter (14) who is a basketball player, and I received treatment there. Jeff helped me recover from a back injury. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but also compassionate and very willing to answer all my questions. My daughter had a knee injury from which she recovered quickly with the help of Jodi. I was extremely impressed with how Jodi explained the specific exercises to my daughter, but also helped her understand why they were important for recovery. Overall, my experience at Specialized Physical Therapy was wonderful. I would not go anywhere else! I definitely would recommend them to all my friends and family.
Suzy - Nov 2013

Jodi is my therapist. She is great. I knew therapy would help but I had no idea that after just 1 visit I really could see improvement. I am going to have a knee replacement and also have back arthritis that needed to be helped to make my surgery rehab go a bit easier. After 1 visit I was able to brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair and put on make-up without stopping to sit for a while in order to complete these tasks. It has been more than a year since I was able to do this. On the next visit I was told to work on strenghtening my stomach musles that will help my back. This too was a noticeable improvewment. The staff is personable and very helpful. They make my visits pleasant I am excited to see how much better I will be. The future looks brighter with the help of these therapists.
Mary - Nov 2013

SPT has likely helped me defer a hip replacement in the near future, if not much longer.  Competent therapist, pleasant people, well equipped facility.
Paul - March 2013

I was concerned that I would have trouble getting back to a high perfomance lifestyle after my shoulder surgery at 47 yo.  I am VERY pleased to report that through the PT service I received at SPT, my shoulder is in better working order than it has been in the last 20 years.  Thank you Jeff & Staff for getting me back on track!
Bill - March 2013

I would highly recommend Specialized PT to any and all.  Having been in sports for decades, they do a fabulous job whether an athlete or non-athlete.
James - March 2013

I never had to wait past my appointment time.  Very professional, caring, and willing to listen.  Never felt like I was being talked down to, although very knowledgeable.  Sent me away very confident I am recovered & have the tools to continue to have a healthy shoulder.
Jan - January 2013

I would recommend Specialized because of the great care I received.  They are knowledgeable, professional, and caring.  I enjoyed the explanations given for each therapy.
David - February 2013

I wanted to thank you SO much for your support and expertise in helping me get my life back.
That fall off the ladder sent my life into areas I never knew before.  Your help and guidance from the emergency room to my final PT session have been invaluable.
Thanks to you, I am almost back to 100% of my pre-accident condition.  The rest will just take time as the swelling subsides and muscles rebuild.
You were much more than a physical therapist.  You were more of a consultant, coach and friend as we worked together toward recovery.
I will forever be indebted to you for how much you have helped me get my life back, my kids get their active dad back and Krista get her contributing husband back.
Kirk - December 2012

The staff is amazing and always friendly.  I felt results RIGHT after working with Jodi.  Jodi knows her stuff and is super funny.  After getting a should injury at work, I was referred to SPT.  I was getting frustrated because I wasn't feeling much difference, that is until I met Jodi.  Jodi took a different approach with me and I felt results right away.  It is amazing how by realigning my spine and hips, my should improved.  I feel 100% better.  I also feel the staff cares.  I know if I have questions I can always return to ask.  Great job!  A+
Maggie - December 2012

The care I received at SPT was outstanding.  Jodi took the time to listen.  She explained everything thoroughly & educated me along the way. Jodi is awesome!  Thanks!
December 2012

Jeff did a great job helping my son.  The staff helped my son go from being in pain with walking & standing to pain free - Thank you!
Tracy - December 2012

Friendly staff & everything was explained.  I received excellent personal care while coming to Specialized Physical Therapy.  Would recommend to anyone.
Sandi - December 2012

I looked forward to my therapy sessions.  It didn't seem like work.  The girls at the front desk were so nice - especially Katherine.  Jeff was wonderful, helpful and thoughtful - and always thinking of exercises to help ease my problem.
Norma - December 2012

Eric is great.  My wife had great success with SPT & that is why I came here.  I would return any time it is needed.
Darien - December 2012

Caring staff, friendly, on time.  Jeff was great.  I would definitely recommend Specialized PT to anyone looking for a physical therapist.  The staff was wonderful to work with.  It is a friendly atmosphere and they keep things on time.  Best of all, their therapy works!
Connie - December 2012

Jeff has been helpful throughout therapy, genuinely concerned with patient care.  Have an will continue to choose SPT for our PT.  Great people & great therapy.
Sam - November 2012

Individual attention and therapists experienced in PT.  Eric, Emily and all the front staff - very nice.  It was a good experience rehabbing at SPT.  I would recommend anyone I know to come here when physical therapy is needed to recover from an injury or surgery.  Great staff.
CR - November 2012

Everything was great.  One on one time with therapist - felt well taken care of with respect to time & quality of therapy.
Cindi - October 2012

Positive, warm welcome, incredible care - made sure exercises & program was understood.  Most Memorable Moment:  the last visit, seeing how much improvement was made from the beginning.  Eric Pinkall was awesome!!!
Zach - November 2012

Everyone is so friendly.  When I first came to SPT I was in terrible pain in my hips and lower back and could hardly walk.  After treatment I no longer have pain in my hip or back and am walking much better.
Geraldine - October 2012

Nice atmosphere, friendly & educated staff.  I would highly recommend Specialized PT.  I learned a lot about the alignment of my body while working on exercises to strengthen/heal my knee.  The staff is very knowledgeable, patient, and friendly. *****
Chrissy - September 2012

Personal touch - straight forward approach - didn't seem like I was a number.  My son complained of foot pain in his heel for nearly a year.  After seeing Eric about 6 times and multiple exercises, he is no longer experiencing any pain!  What a difference that can make in performance!!
Teri - September 2012

My therapist always kept me informed and answered all my questions.  I think the whole staff is very customer oriented and helpful.  Emily is always willing to help and very friendly.  I receive the best of care at Specialized Physical Therapy.  The whole staff is helpful and friendly.  The therapists are all very knowledgeable and will fully explain the procedures used and benefits that will be obtained.  SPT is always clean, organized and comfortable.  Thanks Jeff and all the gang.
Jim - July 2012

The atmosphere was cordial & non-threatening.  The attitude was warm and receptive.  The performance of treatment was cautiously aggressive & above all successful.  I actually looked forward to going to PT.  Both therapists expected and expressed the fact that my recovery was wholly on my ability to understand & follow their instructions.  There would be some pain in doing my exercises & the rehab would only be as successful as my desire and effort to follow their plan.  Jeff & Eric went above and beyond expectations to insure that her treatment was successful & long term.

Friendly staff very helpful.  Always flexible with rescheduling due to my work schedule.  I was greeted by name on every visit.  On my visits, Jeff was always ready for me and knew what we did on the last visit. 

I was very happy working with everyone and will recommend SPT to my family and friends.  Excellent and friendly staff that made each visit enjoyable.  Eric did an outstanding job diagnosing my issues and working with me.  Most Memorable Moment:  Realizing that I did not have neck pain for the first time in quite a few years.

When you walk in, you feel the friendly family appeal of these professionals and quickly learn that they care about you and the best way for you to recover.  The clean, comfortable and organized area makes the experience even better (I've been to other physical therapists and I can't say the same about them).  To the staff at Specialized Physical Therapy--thank you for the great care for my recovery.  I can personally say I will miss coming, talking and working out with you.
Dennis - January 2011


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