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Physical Therapy Clinic Omaha

Did you know that Specialized Physical Therapy's Whispering Hills location has a sports performance area right inside the clinic? This area can serve as a full-size pitching tunnel and allows advanced assessment of throwing mechanics for all types of throwing athletes.  It also provides space for running and cutting as needed to progress athletes of all kinds back to the field after an injury or surgery.  High speed video analysis (in addition to an in-depth physical exam) can be used to determine the cause of the injury (faulty mechanics vs. overuse) as well as the best plan for rehabilitation.  At our newest location, located INSIDE UBA (Ultimate Baseball Academy), therapists have access to the sports performance areas of this impressive facility.  These facilities can be used rehab our throwing athletes right back to the field.     

REWARD YOURSELF FOR YOUR HARD WORK—After your treatment at Specialized Physical Therapy's Maple or Pacific Village locations, you can look forward to icing down in the relaxing atmosphere of our “Cool Zone”.  Take a few minutes to wind down, relax, and regroup after your treatment in one of our comfortable recliners. Enjoy a complimentary beverage and take in a bit of your favorite program on our big screen TV.

Located to be easily accessible from Omaha's interstate system, Specialized Physical Therapy's 3 facilities are easy to access from everywhere in Omaha and the surrounding communities. 

We are now open in THREE convenient locations:

2728 N. 108th St., STE 103 (2 blocks south of Maple St.)

7611 Pacific Street (in Pacific Village, just west of 72nd St)

(3) UBA:
4225 S 121st Plaza (INSIDE UBA - Ultimate Baseball Academy)

All 3 of our locations are well-equipped and expertly staffed to provide a full array of effective physical therapy treatments.  Stop by and see us—we’d love to give you a tour!

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