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You are built to move gracefully and pain free. Whether you are in need of sports rehab, postsurgical rehab or just have a nagging overuse injury that’s keeping you from reaching your potential, Specialized Physical Therapy can help. The physical therapists at Specialized Physical Therapy in Omaha provide advanced outpatient rehabilitation services. Your rehabilitation journey will be guided and programmed by some of the most highly educated and experienced physical therapists in Omaha. Your health is our priority. OUR goal is to help you reach YOUR goal. Specialized Physical Therapy can help you recover from surgery, get you back to the playing field or just help you get back to your life again – gracefully and pain free.

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Patient Testimonials
  • Shane ..
    3 years ago
    I recently had a procedure on my shoulder and was referred to Specialized by OrthoNebraska. I have nothing but good things to say about my experience with Specialized. Jeff and his team are second to none. From the moment I stepped into the door I felt welcomed, they offered if they can get me anything to drink at each visit. That just doesn't happen at every PT clinic. They were attentive throughout my recovery and made sure I was comfortable, never once did I feel undervalued as a client.
  • Rochelle ..
    3 years ago
    My last PT appointment was yesterday and I have to say, I’m very pleased with the results and happy to have chosen Specialized Physical Therapy to help me on the road to recovery from a bad car accident. The place was conveniently located, the reception area staff was so friendly, the place was always clean, and it uses all modern equipment. A special thank you to Kevin R., my dedicated physical therapist, for bringing this lady from using a walker to swimming in the ocean in less than 3 months! I could not have accomplished and recovered this well without your patience, guidance and professionalism.
  • Cory ..
    3 years ago
    I would definitely send my friends and family to Specialized! Kenny's knowledge and experience got me where I wanted to be, back on my mountain bike, pain free I might add! They got me ready for surgery and after my surgery made sure that I was getting healed the right way. They give you the knowledge and teach you what needs to be done. They take the time to teach how to do the exercises and why you need to do them. They take the time to show you enough to continue the program even after your time working in their facility. Thank you Kenny and Sam, I wouldn't be this far if it weren't for you guys! You're the best!
  • Ed ..
    3 years ago
    I felt so well cared for at Specialized Physical Therapy. Everyone was so nice and so friendly. They worked with me one on one and developed a plan just for me that got me back on the road to better day-to-day living. I am done there now, but I've left with the tools that will keep me working towards functioning better well into the future. Thank you so much Sal and team for everything you've done for me!
  • Chuck ..
    3 years ago
    I have nothing but positive things to say about the team at Specialized PT. I have seen 3 different PT locations over the years and while they helped with symptoms they were never able to diagnose the actual problem. Jodi was able to diagnose and address my problem and for the first time in 6 years I am able to live the active lifestyle I enjoy! During my rehabilitation process at Specialized, Jodi (and all the staff) was patient, helpful, and always had a smile. I always looked forward to going and really enjoyed my time there. I would highly recommend Specialized PT to anyone who is looking for help.
  • Janice ..
    3 years ago
    I am very grateful to the staff at Specialized Physical Therapy. I have been in pain off and on through out the years. Within weeks they had me on the road to relief. Each week I would leave feeling better than I had the week before. They have given me the tools to maintain a quality lifestyle. Jodi, Carol and Brad were wonderful to work with I would recommend the entire staff. Everyone is so welcoming, understanding and happy to help.
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